Sample Report

Once Participants complete and submit the survey, the Career Anchors Online system calculates the results and generates a comprehensive, detailed Career Anchors report (PDF format). This report is overflowing with targeted information and career guidance based on each Participant's individual career anchor. Click the image below to view a complete sample report (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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Sample Web Pages

Career Anchors Online consists of easy-to-navigate, intuitive web pages that are designed to make the assessment process easy for Administrators and enlightening for Participants.

Sample Questions

The Career Anchors Self-Assessment questions are designed to help Participants identify their career values and think about what they really want out of a career.

Sample Report

When Participants finish the survey, the Career Anchors Online system rapidly calculates their responses and generates a customized and detailed Career Anchors report in PDF format.

Sample Email Notification

If you're an Administrator, Career Anchors Online allows you to communicate with your Participants -- whether you have one, or hundreds.

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