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Dear John Smith,

You've been invited to take the Career Anchors Self-Assessment. This 40-item questionnaire was developed by Edgar Schein, a leader in the field of career and professional studies. The questions are designed to help reveal what you really want out of a career. It takes just 10 to 15 minutes to complete and the results are instantaneous.

To begin, use the link, username, and password below to enter Career Anchors Online. Once logged in, you can complete your assessment and immediately get your results.

Password: as8d7f6fs


Please try to complete the assessment by January 1, 2007.


Mary Jones
Career Anchors Online Administrator

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Career Anchors Online consists of easy-to-navigate, intuitive web pages that are designed to make the assessment process easy for Administrators and enlightening for Participants.

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The Career Anchors Self-Assessment questions are designed to help Participants identify their career values and think about what they really want out of a career.

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When Participants finish the survey, the Career Anchors Online system rapidly calculates their responses and generates a customized and detailed Career Anchors report in PDF format.

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If you're an Administrator, Career Anchors Online allows you to communicate with your Participants -- whether you have one, or hundreds.

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