System Requirements

In order to receive the full benefit and functionality of Career Anchors Online, please keep in mind the following system requirements and characteristics:


  • Intel® Pentium® processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
  • 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 5.0 or Netscape Navigator 8.0.4 or greater

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  • PowerPC® processor
  • Mac OS software version X or higher
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or Apple Safari 2.0.3 or greater

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Internet Access
You will need Internet access to use Career Anchors Online. Career Anchors Online uses sessions to track participants and participant administration. Anything that interferes with session integrity, including, but not limited to:

  • Cookies turned off;
  • Caching on proxy server or on client's browser;
  • Some server security settings;
may adversely affect functional and administrative routines and result in the system not being able to properly identify the user. You can check with your organization's system/network administrator to see if security or preference settings on your network will compromise session integrity.

Career Anchors Online should be viewed on Netscape Navigator version 7.0 or later or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later. Using an earlier browser version will not display and process the contents of Career Anchors Online correctly.

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Email Accounts and Access
To administer Career Anchors Online, you will need a valid email account. Each Participant must also have a unique email address.

Career Anchors Online depends on email for notifications to Participants. Email Spam Filters on your email account/system may interfere with the delivery of these notifications. You can contact your organization's email administrator to determine if there are any email filters in place that may block receipt of mail from the Career Anchors Online system.

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Third Party Software
Adobe Acrobat Reader: Some documents on Career Anchors Online will require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing. If you do not have this program, it is available free from Adobe at:

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Accept Cookies
In order for Career Anchors Online to function properly, your browser must accept cookies. For instructions on setting your browser to accept cookies, please refer to your browser's help section.

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Back Button
Avoid using your browser's BACK button to navigate to a previous page. This can disrupt certain processing functions, such as when purchasing Career Anchors Online. Functional pages are provided with their own BACK buttons. Use these instead.

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Session Time
For security purposes, Career Anchors Online is designed to time out after about 45 minutes of inactivity. After this time your Career Anchors Online session will end. To restart your session, you will be required to log in again.

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View Site Feature and Sample Documents
Sample Web Pages

Career Anchors Online consists of easy-to-navigate, intuitive web pages that are designed to make the assessment process easy for Administrators and enlightening for Participants.

Sample Questions

The Career Anchors Self-Assessment questions are designed to help Participants identify their career values and think about what they really want out of a career.

Sample Report

When Participants finish the survey, the Career Anchors Online system rapidly calculates their responses and generates a customized and detailed Career Anchors report in PDF format.

Sample Email Notification

If you're an Administrator, Career Anchors Online allows you to communicate with your Participants -- whether you have one, or hundreds.

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