What are people saying about Career Anchors?

"Finally, a ray of light! Having taken various aptitude and interest tests, personality type tests, and career counseling, I was still without a clue as to what work would be satisfying for me. I have been told that with my broad range of aptitudes, broad knowledge, and variety of skills, that I 'could do anything'. I have been told that my abilities are both a 'blessing and a curse' because the ones I'm not using will demand expression. So, I've had this tortured search for satisfying work. Meanwhile, I've done a bit of everything: technical writing, designing and building computer hardware and software, systems analysis, I even ran a factory for 5 years! But I've always wondered, 'where is this all getting me?' Career Anchors was recommended to me as a way to answer my question, and I got the book without expecting much.

"But to my surprise and delight, I found that the author is the ONLY writer I've found who sees the most important factor in finding one's work is your own internal motivators. His point is that you do best what you have the most motivation to do. In my own words: when you get up in the morning, what is it that you look forward to?"

"Have you ever wondered if you're in the right career? Well I am a trainer in a 13,000+ staff company & 10% of them don't really know why they're not satisfied with their job. Well, it's because they're in the wrong job. This book gives you exercises to help you understand more about your values and gives suggestions on how to change that. If you're in career consultant business, this is a classic book to read and adopt to your existing tools."

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Career Anchors Online consists of easy-to-navigate, intuitive web pages that are designed to make the assessment process easy for Administrators and enlightening for Participants.

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The Career Anchors Self-Assessment questions are designed to help Participants identify their career values and think about what they really want out of a career.

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When Participants finish the survey, the Career Anchors Online system rapidly calculates their responses and generates a customized and detailed Career Anchors report in PDF format.

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If you're an Administrator, Career Anchors Online allows you to communicate with your Participants -- whether you have one, or hundreds.

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